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PdVSA mag alleen produceren voor lokale markt

6 December 2019

Als PdVSA nog een jaartje langer op Curaçao blijft, is dat alleen om de lokale markt te bedienen. Dat zegt premier Rhuggenaath. Andere opties voor afzet van olieproducten vallen onder de Amerikaanse sancties tegen Venezuela. Volgens de premier is een akkoord met de Kleshgroep om te raffinaderij te gaan exploiteren binnen handbereik. Dat betekent dan het definitieve einde van PdVSA op Curaçao.

One response to “PdVSA mag alleen produceren voor lokale markt”

  1. Jairo Caiman says:

    PDVSA is the only company that gives better profitability to Curacao, the price of gasoline and refinery derivatives fall in price for the administration of PDVSA, when the Government of Curacao lets the United States apply sanctions and hinders the operation of the refinery It is only Curacao that pays with its Economy the sanctions lose jobs low the island’s IP increases the price of electricity, water and fuels, but when the government of curacao is independent and allows the refinery to work everything is good for curacao lowers the The price of fuel, electricity, water, employment and improving the economy. Given this reality, it is best to continue so that the government is independent because the refinery can sell cheaper and make a profit for all those involved in the refinery, the sanctions only affect third parties except the United States that they always buy oil with the sanctions. What the United States achieves is to buy the same cheaper oil for them because with the sanctions the oil is sold in contraband and that smuggling evades taxes, it is better to ignore those sanctions and collect taxes for the purchase and sale of that oil since if He does not want to buy the United States because he does not like the price the rest of the world will buy

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